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Format: CD
Label: HIPW
Catalog: 2114
Rel. Date: 05/05/2009
UPC: 809367211421

South Side Original Oldies
Artist: South Side
Format: CD
New: Available to Order $18.16

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1. South Side Oldies (Intro)
2. We Can't Do What We Want
3. Lil' Oldie Jam, A
4. Chillin' on Da Block
5. Touch N' Feel
6. No Matter What You Say
7. I Had a Choice
8. Like a Fantasy
9. Love the One Your With
10. I May Let You Know
11. When I Was a Little Boy
12. She's a Classic
13. Tell It Like It Is
14. Just Another Day
15. South Side Oldies (Outro)

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