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War Stories
Artist: U.N.K.L.E.
Format: CD
New: Not on Hand, Let us get it for you

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''War Stories'' is the third album from Unkle. The album was released in Japan on June 20, 2007 Europe and the UK on July 9, 2007, followed by a July 24 release date in North America. ''War Stories'' debuted at #58 in Australia. The album was promoted by three singles: "Burn My Shadow", "Hold My Hand" and "Restless". The video for "Burn my Shadow" featured the actor Goran Višnjić.

The cover art was designed by 3D of Massive Attack.

The track "Chemistry" is used as the instrumental track for "Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)" by Lupe Fiasco from his 2007 album ''Lupe Fiasco's The Cool''.

Lupe Fiasco chose War Stories as his #1 album of the year as posted to a video on Myspace.

The song "Burn My Shadow" was used during the climax of the movie Repo Men. - Wikipedia

When you imagine the typical fan of UNKLE's Psyence Fiction, with its guest spots from Thom Yorke and Badly Drawn Boy, he or she probably doesn't look much like your stereotypical fan of stoner rock (as vague of a label as it is) or its more regional variation, desert rock. But Chris Goss, a sort of godfather to the scene, co-produced War Stories with UNKLE founder James Lavelle. Goss' own band Masters of Reality were rooted in traditional hard rock, but fuzzed-out enough to catch on with some kids who had also soaked up punk and hardcore influences. Goss produced albums by some of them, most notably Kyuss, ground zero of the sound and the scene. Post-Kyuss, guitarist Josh Homme got famous in Queens of the Stone Age and last appeared with UNKLE on Never Never Land in 2003. Homme sings on two tracks on War Stories, as does Ian Astbury. Way out of the desert, Astbury is best known for fronting the Cult, and spent a couple of years as the fake Jim Morrison in the Doors of the 21st Century.


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