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Glass Boys [Vinyl]


Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 06/03/2014
UPC: 744861104919

Glass Boys [Vinyl]
Artist: Fucked Up
Format: Vinyl
New: In Store $19.99

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On their fourth album Toronto s Fucked Up pare things back to a single LP. In contrast to the sprawling epic of their last album, the punk rock opera David Comes To Life, the 2014 album returns to rock n roll basics, verse-chorus-verse-chorus. It also features guitar solos, mellotron and piano. Recorded for the first time in analogue, with Bill Skibbe (The Dead Weather, The Kills, Lower Dens, Andre Williams), the album is bathed in a warm, almost romantic glow. In particular, Jonah Falco s virtuosic drumming shines forth, each snare hit shattering the air. Damian Abraham s throaty growl is not less punk, but the overall effect is a more human, relatable Fucked Up. While the imagery still includes the usual high concept references (not least to classical mythology), Abraham and Mike Haliechuk s lyrics mostly address the puzzle of being in a punk rock band while having children and being in their early 30s. "So this is what it d be like? Everything bathed in a harsh bright light? Why is the impact so immense? Maybe I know it could have been me instead. "