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Crooked Rain Crooked Rain: La's Desert Origins
Artist: Pavement
Format: CD
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2 cd set


''Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins'' is a double album by Pavement released on October 26, 2004. It contains the band's second album, ''Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain'' (1994) in its entirety, as well as 37 of the band's other songs from that era, 25 of which (the entire second disc) were previously unreleased. The album also contains a 62-page booklet of liner notes, which contain photographs, artwork, accounts from vocalist/guitarist Stephen Malkmus and guitarist Scott Kannberg (aka "Spiral Stairs"), and notes Malkmus wrote for ''Melody Maker'' about each of the songs on the original album. The liner notes also feature a surreal and sensationalistic "interview" between Matador's Gerard Cosloy and the fictitious "Rob Jurkface". According to Cosloy, he took questions by Pavement's biographer, Rob Jovanovic, changed them slightly, and wrote silly answers for them.

Some of the songs on the second disc ("Flux = Rad," "Kennel District", "Grounded" and "Pueblo") are early forms of songs on 1995's ''Wowee Zowee''.

Shortly after the release of this set, a Matador employee posted corrected info regarding the recording sessions for the previously unreleased tracks on disc two. Tracks 13 through 21 were actually recorded at Gary Young's studio in Stockton (though Gary does not play on them; any drums were played by Spiral Stairs).

A further mistake is found in the track-listing on the back of the CD; ''Silence Kid'' is listed as ''Silence Kit''. (This is a common mistake often made due to an ink splotch on the original ''Crooked Rain Crooked Rain'' artwork.) The interior artwork shows the song's name printed as ''Silence Kid'', plus one occasion in Malkmus's own handwriting. - Wikipedia

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