And The Curse Of The Frozen Hair


Format: Digital
Rel. Date: 10/02/2012
UPC: 700261951201

And The Curse Of The Frozen Hair
Artist: Twisted Tusk
Format: Digital


Format and Editions


1. A World Without Fear
2. Diamond Eyes
3. Therapist Tape
4. Miserable Things People Love (Feat. Luis Perez)
5. Werner Genn
6. Curses (Feat. Andy Puls)
7. Bodily Functions I Love (Feat. Andrew Yonda & Jennifer Keeley Yonda)
8. Origins
9. Revelation
10. Lollipop
11. Famous Tape
12. Moon And Ice
13. Warner Generation
14. Does It Matter
15. Quilt Of Voices (Feat. Laura Witzling)
16. Mission Accomplished
17. Miserable Reprise
18. A Twisted Tusk Recording
19. A Miserable Beginning (Bonus Track)
20. Diamond Eyes (Bonus Track)
21. Miserable Things People Love (Bonus Track)
22. March (Bonus Track)
23. Bodily Functions I Love (Bonus Track)
24. I Am My Own Therapist (Bonus Track)
25. Lollipop (Bonus Track)
26. The News (Bonus Track)
27. Does It Matter (Bonus Track)
28. Quilt Of Voices (Bonus Track)
29. A Miserable (Reprise) [Bonus Track]