Clark 2


Format: Vinyl
Catalog: 40286
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 08/21/2012
UPC: 650384028611

Clark 2
Artist: Cate Le Bon
Format: Vinyl


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Five songs from the Cyrk album sessions. During the Cyrk sessions, back at the dawn of 2011, a grand total of 15 songs were recorded. As they began to form as finished articles they naturally pooled into two camps. Whilst Cyrk bounds around erratically and unknowingly like a younger sibling, Cyrk II is its older sister, bearing songs of a more starkly confessional nature. Although there is a longing and sadness that litters Cyrk II, it never truly realises itself, often hiding in the forest of lyrics and interrupting instrumentation when on the cusp of revealing too much.