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Smash Mouth
Artist: Smash Mouth
Format: CD
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''Smash Mouth'' is the self-titled third album by rock band Smash Mouth released in late 2001. It was notable in that it was their first album with new drummer Michael Urbano and its release was delayed a few months due to the death of lead vocalist Steve Harwell's son, Presley Scott Harwell.

The San Jose, California rock band Smash Mouth held a contest on their website in the fall of 2000 to name their third album. The result was a two-way tie with the winning suggestion being to self-title the album. It was released in the summer of 2001 along with the single "Pacific Coast Party".

Several other tracks from the album were released, including "Holiday In My Head", which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie ''Clockstoppers'', and "I'm a Believer", a cover of the classic by The Monkees which was featured in the movie ''Shrek''. - Wikipedia

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