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Artist: Rocket From The Crypt
Format: CD
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As official members of Rocket From the Crypt's "tattoo club" (ringleader John "Speedo" Reis decreed that anybody with a Rocket tattoo had a lifetime pass to get into their shows for free), we were severely bummed when RFTC abruptly called it quits in 2005, scheduling One Last Show for Halloween night in a San Diego hotel. Stupidly, we sat on our butts at the home office in Philly while the band was introduced by quasi-legendary schlock rocker El Vez' via coffin. This CD/DVD lovingly documents that final gig (the latter with no extras, sadly), which featured Rocket not necessarily at their best, but delightfully sloppy, unleashing a decade-spanning setlist, from 1991 debut Paint as a Fragrance to Vagrant swan song Live From Camp X-Ray. The always-costumed sextet went through three outfit changes over the course of the muggy evening, delivering almost-hits like "Ditch Digger," "Sturdy Wrists," "I'm Not Invisible" and "On a Rope" to rabid applause and dancing. The always prolific Speedo has since moved onto new project the Night Marchers, which we'll be profiling in April. To borrow from the band, crank it or spank it.

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