Format: CD
Label: Nettwerk
Catalog: 30237
Rel. Date: 11/06/2001
UPC: 067003023726

Artist: The Divine Comedy
Format: CD
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With a huge assist from the fantastically warm production of Radiohead’sengineer, Nigel Godrich, Regenerationis the most ambitious baroque-pop LP Hannon’s attempted outside of 1997’sspecial live A Short Album About Love. Actually, on most of this LP he’sa little bit more restrained than normal, cooing more than the man who wailedso melodramatically on the cultured old standbys that made his name like “TheFrog Princess.” Occasionally he still cuts loose, such as the sudden, belted“What the f*** is happening?” swell on “Perfect Lovesong.”But most of the time, he lets the spellbinding soundtrack and the beguilingradiance set up his more reasoned, strong vocal takes.

This fine piece of work actually appeared in the U.K. last March, but only hitour shores recently. Good thing it got here at all, however overdue; this isbound to turn some jaded heads.