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Format: CD
Label: Rough Trade
Catalog: 83235
Rel. Date: 04/20/2004
UPC: 060768323520

The Runaway Found
Artist: The Veils
Format: CD
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1. Wild Son, The
2. Guiding Light
3. Lavinia
4. More Heat Than Light
5. Tide That Left and Never Came Back, The
6. Leavers Dance, The
7. Talk Down the Girl
8. Valleys of New Orleans, The
9. Vicious Traditions
10. Nowhere Man, The


Good morning, class. Today's lecture is titled "Britpop-A Brief Aural History." And we have a special guest today, Mr. Finn Andrews, who's brought his group the Veils along to provide musical examples. Finn - is it okay if I call you Finn? - Finn, let's start with a couple of Britpop's forebears. [Band plays its own "The Tide That Left And Never Came Back" then "The Leavers Dance."] Nice, very nice. The Smiths, obviously, in the former-note the lush swirl of jangly guitars, the overwrought vocals and the enigmatic songtitle. I don't think I recognized the U2 song however. A working demo for "With Or Without You," perhaps?

Let's move now to the Britpop era proper. Veils? [Band plays "The Wild Son," "Guiding Light" and "Lavinia."] Right. Suede, Oasis and the Perfecto mix of Mansun's "Wide Open Space"-nearly fooled me, I almost thought Tindersticks on the last one! Such earnestness, such passion, such anthemry. I love the orchestral flourishes in the Mansun and Suede tunes, while the dynamics and the melodic-yet-feedback-lined guitar solo in the Oasis number are nothing less than cathartic.


Thank you, Veils, and thank you Finn. Great voice, by the way-you make Rufus Wainwright sound positively butch. Please give your father Barry, whom I schooled prior to his XTC and Shriekback days, my best. Okay class, that will be all for today. Don't forget your point/counterpoint essays, "Bono: Conscience Of A Generation, Or Just Another Wanker?," are due on my desk tomorrow morning.


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