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Billy Talent III
Artist: Billy Talent
Format: Digital


Formats and Editions


''Billy Talent III'' is the fourth studio album by Canadian rock band Billy Talent (the third under the name Billy Talent). It was released on July 10 in Europe, July 13 in the United Kingdom, July 14 in Canada, and September 22 in the US. A demo version of one of the album's songs, "Turn Your Back", was released as a single in September 2008 and featured the band members of Anti-Flag, with the first legitimate single spawned by ''Billy Talent III'' is "Rusted from the Rain", which premiered May 17, 2009 on Triple J. The album version of "Turn Your Back" doesn't include Anti-Flag's vocals, as the single version does.

The second single from the album, "Devil on My Shoulder" was released on August 26, 2009.

A promotional website located at has been launched to showcase the making of the album. Part of the promotion also included the which allowed listeners to become the "Ultimate Billy Talent Fan". The widget rewarded users with rare tracks, videos, pictures and interviews as fans "level up" their widgets.

On June 8, 2009, the band announced on their website, the release of a special deluxe edition of the album, entitled ''Billy Talent III: Guitar Villain Edition''. The special edition includes a second disc of the album, with the guitar tracks removed so fans can play along. This edition includes also 4 additional demo songs, as well as guitar tabs for the whole album transcribed on 2 full size posters.

The band embarked on a supporting tour in February 21, 2009, starting with an Australian first leg.

In April 2010, the album won a Juno Award for best rock album of the year. - Wikipedia

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