Lottery Time! Enter by Nov 22nd


Plan 9 Richmond is holding a Lottery for Black Friday RSD Shoppers-  Top 60 Time Slots for Nov 27th


We appreciate your indulgence and participation for one last time this year.  Thanks to all who have participated in our RSD lotteries and showed up for their slots. We suggest you to show up 15min early if you win a slot.  If there are no-shows for the previous slot, we’ll let the next group in as space permits.

So here we go for Black Friday! Don't forget, we have plenty of the Drive-By Truckers Live at Plan 9


 Enter the lottery HERE  deadline to enter midnight Nov 22nd


We will assign those 60 slots by random drawing as before.  If you do not win a time slot, you are welcome to line up for first come/first served shopping, which will begin at 11:00 am- again for Record Store Day shopping only.. These are also 15 min time slots, 10 people at a time.  After all RSD customers have had their chance to shop, we will resume new normal shopping. and RSD shoppers are welcome back if they wish.  If you’re not shopping specifically for Record Store Day titles, we suggest you arrive after 1:00 pm or later to avoid longer waits.


RSD rules apply as usual- 10 titles total, 1 copy per title, and of course all safety protocols observed as well.  Please Social Distance while waiting in line. Thank you for your help in making this a smoother, quicker experience.  Look forward to seeing you on Black Friday- Nov 27th!  Facebook live drawing will be held on Mon Nov 23rd.


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