Plan9 Music



Mon- Thurs 11-6

Fri- Sat† 11-7

Sun 12-6

††Total 10 people in-store at a time

†††††††††Limit 3 together, please.

C'ville Hours† Sun- Fri† 12-3† Sat 12-5† †

limiting 5 in-store

Health Concerns: For those who cannot wear a mask due to health issues, or if youíd feel safer shopping alone, you can make an appointment to†shop earlier or later than posted store hours.Please call:†353-9996†

Selling your music and movies†You are welcome to bring in your collection.† During this time we prefer to let it sit for a day, and will then review and make you an offer the next day unless itís a large collection. You can then pick up any remaining items along with your payment.† You can also have a check mailed to you.†

Phone, Web Sales, & Curbside Pickup Still Welcome!

You can choose to have your order delivered by mail/ UPS, or choose Curbside to pick up your items in front of the store.We'll notify you when your order is ready for pickup.†

Thanks for your business, and for helping keep each other safe!

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