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RIP Wes Freed

We’re sure most of you have heard already, but just wanted to share in case you may not have heard that  Wes Freed passed away on Sept 4th.

We’ve  lost a very talented, unique individual. Wes not only gave us Willard’s Garage, tons of paintings and artwork (his covers for the Drive-By Truckers were so representative of the band), and the 2010 Richmond Folk Fest poster, but also the Capital City Barn Dance, Mudd Helmet, Dirt Ball, and Mag-Bats.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wes when Dirt Ball was on our Planetary Records roster in the late 90’s (doing all the cd covers of course), and in 2006 he designed our 25th anniversary t-shirt and the poster for the Drive-By Truckers concert, the recording of which was finally released last year.

Many of you have asked for copies of his art book we’ve been selling, which was also available on his website.   We have sold out and don’t know when or if we will get more.  If it does become available to us we will certainly let everyone know.  For now we remember him well and keep his friends and loved ones in our thoughts, in our hearts. 

There are so many, but here are some old articles, interviews, and recent press:






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