Plan9 Music


Plan 9 pays CASH for all of your music, movies, and gear! Wanna shop instead? We offer an extra 20% more in store credit for items purchased!

WebuyVinyl Records, Cassettes, DVDs/Blu-Rays, Turntables, and more!Our Charlottesville store buys daily (just give them a call before coming by!), and our Richmond stores buys every day EXCEPT TUESDAYS, also from 11am-6pm.Before you bring in your CDs, please call our store to see if we want to inspect your collection!

Got gear? We'd love to look at (and hopefully buy!) your record players, receivers, speakers, boomboxes, and tape decks! Got something else you might want us to look at? Shoot us an email!

Our Richmond store also buys music MERCH- from your band tees to your old vintage buttons and everything in between- bring it on in (as long as it's not destroyed, thank you!). We have a buyer who specializes in band merch, both modern and vintage.

Have a HUGE collection? If you've got a minimum of 1,000 records, we may be able to cometo you! Just email us at soundrewards@plan9music.com and we can help get you set up! Or you can call the closest store to you.

Got store specific questions? Just give us a call or email!

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