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ARCHIVE of Planetary Records launch announcement - Oct 14th, 1997

Planetary Records
Plan 9's new record label takes off!

by Maxine deMarloe

Plan 9 has announced the formation of a new record label, aptly namedPlanetary Records, that aims to showcase local and regional talent.

"It has always been part of Plan 9's mission to be involved in the community, and this just takes it to another level. Bands have always supported Plan 9, especially in the early days, andPlanetarygives us an opportunity to give something back, and it helps us diversify as well," said Plan 9/Planetary founderJim Bland.

In business nearly 16 years, Plan 9 has grown as the music community has grown. With bands like Gwar,CrackerandThe Dave Matthews Bandbased here, more recording studios, and a second year of Route 1 South, the area is beginning to get some national attention; and with so many local bands with CDs out (over 200 titles on consignment at Plan 9,) the time seemed right.

"We began exploring this idea a year ago, noting how many consignment titles we carried and how many times we ran out of product when we couldn't get in touch with the bands. Or sometimes they couldn't press more CDs because they hadn't been paid by their distributor. Since we were already handling a lot of shipping, receiving and billing for these bands, it seemed like the next step in that process was to represent them to other retailers and wholesalers, using Plan 9's clout in the marketplace to expedite both the exposure and the payment process," explained Bland.

"We'll function primarily as a distribution company," said Bland. "That was the original idea. Labels can maintain their own imprint and identity, do their own promotion. We'll provide a bar code number and handle shipping and billing. Or, the artists can sign directly with Planetary (as it seems we're headed now,) and we'll be more involved in the pressing, promotion, etc. In either case, the artist can participate as much as they want to so they can keep expenses down."
Janet Martin
Burst into Flames
In addition to its longstanding relationship with distributors, Plan 9 is part of a national coalition of 60 independent record stores, most of which fit Plan 9's profile. Planetary will be able to tap into those resources to further its artists' exposure in other markets.

"These stores are well-connected with their music scenes," said Bland. "They know how and where to promote bands, and they like to do 'in-stores.' We feel a great kinship with these people - they share similar ideals and they love music - so we'll do everything we can to help bands take advantage of these opportunities."

Helping launch Planetary Records isLezlie Snyder, who has worked with Plan 9's advertising department and 9x in the past. Her company, Spin Cycle Promotions, has been promoting bands on a local, regional and national level for the past three years. Spin Cycle has worked with Burst Into Flames, Bucket, Bitterlily (The Tom McCormack Band,) Lotus Crown, Mebane, Bad Tequila Experience and Sound of Music Studios, among others. With help and encouragement from Plan 9's multi-talented ad chick,Kelly Wilkes, Lezlie will be handling Planetary's daily activities.

Continued... a look atPlanetary's debut recordingand more.

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