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Friends of Plan 9 Richmond

The Carytown Plan 9 store has received some local media attention this week due to a “for lease” sign going up in our window. First and foremost, Plan 9 is not going out of business. We simply need to cut our expenses by moving to a smaller, more affordable space, and we can do that sooner if our landlord gets a new tenant.

It is well known that our industry has gone through a severe downturn in recent years and we have not been immune to its effects. Most independent record stores that are still operating have also had to make similar changes.

We hope to remain in the Carytown area if at all possible. It's been an important part of our nearly 30 years of serving music lovers in Richmond, and it's been our home.

We sincerely thank you, our friends and customers, for your on-going support. We'll keep you posted.

Friends of Plan 9 Charlottesville - WE'VE MOVED!

Plan 9 Charlottesville Customers:

We're now open in our new location in the Seminole Square Shopping Center, just two miles further south on Rt. 29. Look for us to right of the Giant Food store. Hope to see you soon!

For an update: call 979-9999 or check

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