Greatest Hits [LP]

Greatest Hits [LP]

Artist: The Zombies

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Format: Vinyl
Rel. Date: 04/21/2017
UPC: 030206746310


1. She's Not There (mono) (2:26) (Side A)
2. You Make Me Feel Good (mono) (2:37) (Side A)
3. Tell Her No (mono) (2:05) (Side A)
4. Leave Me Be (mono) (2:07) (Side A)
5. She's Coming Home (mono) (2:34) (Side A)
6. I Want You Back Again (mono) (2:14) (Side A)
7. Whenever You're Ready (Mono) (2:41) (Side A)
8. I Love You (mono) (3:21) (Side A)
9. Just Out Of Reach (mono) (2:10) (Side B)
10. Is This The Dream (mono) (2:43) (Side B)
11. Indication (UK single version) (2:58) (Side B)
12. The Way I Feel Inside (mono) (1:48) (Side B)
13. This Will Be Our Year (2:07) (Side B)
14. Time of the Season (3:31) (Side B)
15. Imagine The Swan (mono single mix) (3:12) (Side B)
16. If It Don't Work Out (mono single mix) (2:26) (Side B)

More Info:

Completely remastered, this all new vinyl collection features some of the greatest songs The Zombies ever recorded, including 'She's Not There,' 'Tell Her No,' 'Leave Me Be,' 'I Love You,' and 'Time of The Season.' Most of the tracks are the original mono US and UK single versions. The Zombies will be on tour this spring to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the recording of their acclaimed album Odessey and Oracle.